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Alpen Drill Bits Are The Best

There are many reasons why Alpen drill bits are the best for your work. We can look at some of the products here.

Various Products

You may consider the tungsten carbide multi-purpose drill bit in order to understand these reasons.

This has a cylindrical shank and short series. It can be used in a wide range of applications.

This is because it is extremely versatile and provides precise drilling even when the drills are being changed in various materials. This is a perfect tool for precision rotary drilling in case of materials such as tiles, natural stone, besides metal, wood as well as plastics.

In case of the one with cylindrical shank and long series, there can be a range of applications that would include precision rotary drilling in tiles, metal and natural stone, wood and plastics. This extra-long version means more options while installing windows as it can drill through plastics, metal as well as masonry in just one easy work step.

There profi multicut benefits here are that bit changes are not required. Besides, it offers a much faster working speed along with higher flexibility.

Another product here would be the tungsten carbide multi-purpose drill bits that have sds-plus shank.

It is an all-rounder as it can provide a range of applications that include rotary drilling in tiles, masonry as well as metal, wood along with plastics. It has a special shank design along with an automatic hammer-stop function for various SDS-plus hammer drills. It has a significantly longer life.

There are a number of other products in their drill bits line. They are highly effective as they offer a secure dowel hold.

In addition there is unique cutting geometry. This helps to prevent any cavities from breaking off. There are geometrically precise holes that provide for maximum hold of dowel. All these provide Profi Multicut benefits of no need for bit changes in case of different materials, a much faster working speed in addition to greater flexibility.

The porcelain/gres tile drill bit also offers a range of applications as it can be used for extremely hard porcelain or gres tiles having up to Mohs or Ritz hardness 9, as well as glass. No cooling is required here. It has a maximum spindle speed of 200 rpm. But it is not suitable for doing percussion drilling.

Innovative products

Today just a good product is not good enough. This is why Alpine drill bits are highly innovative and hence they guarantee accurate work, reliability as well as longer working life.

They are innovative in product development as well as product presentation. This is highly important as presentation makes a big difference to the sales and brand image of any product.

The packaging and various POS placement aids are unique and hence able to stand out. This is because of their innovative design and high level of functionality. Another fact is that they are environment friendly too. After all, a professionally laid out POS display is going to increase turnover considerably.

Also, innovative products do deserve innovative packaging!

These products are made in Austria. This means that highest quality is guaranteed. Since these drill bits are manufactured exclusively in Austria, hence the entire production process is controlled and leads to a consistently outstanding quality. Next is a completely reliable manufacturing technology leading to the best possible quality. There are more than 300 employees who are working at achieving one goal, which is the manufacturing of a tool that is able to provide the perfect results.

These products have achieved numerous certifications. All of these confirm highest quality standards as well as quality controls that are practiced during the entire manufacturing process. These Alpine drill bits that can be used for concrete/masonry as well as the special drill bits come with the PGM test mark. This means that it has achieved the Masonry Drill Bit Certification, Prüfgemeinschaft Mauerbohrer e.V. Hence the safety of doweled joints is guaranteed this way. These are test marks that are granted to just a select few manufacturers.

This ensures observing of tight tolerances in these marked drill bits with regard to the diameter of the cutting tip. Other features include symmetrical soldering and even rotation of these Alpine drill bits. This claim to quality is confirmed by independent authorities too.

This is an example of mass-production perfection. This is because they are the only full source provider in Europe for supplying drilling tools that have been manufactured in-house. They are the leading provider of metal, masonry as well as wood drills. It is an Austrian family enterprise. They are producing more than 35 million professional drilling tools. All these are manufactured at three different production facilities.

Basically the production is only in Austria which allows them to have the entire manufacturing process under their control leading to stringent quality control measures being followed.

Hence they are able to give a hundred percent guarantee that they are following state of the art technology in their production process. Next, they have a highly economic production process and are able to work with the greatest precision. There are stringent quality controls measures that ensure a production process that is free of all kinds of troubles. In case people have doubts about these claims by the manufacturers of Alpine drill bits, they can always check this out on their own. They have been able to actually achieve their high standards on a consistent basis. One simple statistic is enough to confirm this claim. The complaint rate with their products has been almost 0%.

Next is the drill lab. There is a proprietary drill bit competence center. This is where drill bits and all kinds of innovations are being tested consistently under real working conditions. With so much effort being made on research and innovation, it is hardly surprising why these products are so popular and liked and appreciated by all. They have a host of repeat customers confirming these claims being made by them!